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We believe that fresh beer is more produce than product, more about community than commodity.

Enjoy the full Catchment Brewing Co Brewery experience

Minimum of 10 people at $50 a person.

Take a guided tour through the brewing process with our Head Brewer. You will enjoy a paddle of four tasters of our beers on tap, followed by delicious matched snacks.

You don’t get many clues from the front of our Art Deco building at 150 Boundary Street, West End, that there is a fully functioning local craft brewery inside...But enter the front door and one of the first signs are a couple of stainless uni-tanks tucked behind the bar, just over the kitchen pass. Wander past them up the stairs to our brewery garden out the back and the rest of our 5HL Spark Engineering brewery is on full display.

Making fantastic beer is not magic, although admittedly it can sometimes seem like it. We strive to make the best beer we possibly can and we have nothing to hide, so it is a very intentional choice to have our brewery on display. No smoke and mirrors, just the best fresh ingredients we can source, lots of hard work, some lovely shiny stainless steel and our best friends: the mighty yeast cell.

Breweries owned by multinational corporations tend to treat beer like a commodity, just another can of beans on the shelf; we believe it’s much more than that. We believe that fresh beer is more produce than product, more about community than commodity.

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