Our Story
and history

We are proud to continue the heritage of brewing in West End that started in 1886.

The Thing about West End

...and the places like it around Australia - is that is just…well …is...

It’s undefinable.

To define it, is to ruin it. It’s the joy of being a contrarian’s utopia.

There are observable tribes, as there are in any catchment, but to talk about them and make it obvious is to make them disappear, as if by magic.

And that is what The Catchment Brewing Co is all about.

It’s been created for so everyone can the enjoy the energy, variety and flavour of our catchment in your own local, or at home or wherever you enjoy finely crafted local beers.

By locals. For locals. Everywhere.

A Home and History of Beer making in the west end

One of our favourite stories proves West End is a natural home for a brewery making great beer, is the one from the great Brisbane flood of January 1893...

IMAGE REFERENCE: The West End Brewery was established in 1886 by [Albert] Lanfear, [George Bruce] Nicol and Company, on the corner of Montague Road and Merivale Street. The firm continued until ca. 1912. The building was damaged in the 1893 flood and then subsequently rebuilt and enlarged. From John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

The West End Brewery, which was one of the most prominent landmarks of South Brisbane located on the corner of Montague and Merivale Streets, had water up to the windows of the second story of the tower, which, when waters receded, was the only building remaining and most other timber buildings were ruined.

Production was hampered but the Brisbane Courier reported:

"The injury caused to the building was not of a nature to seriously interrupt business and repairs have been so far effected that brewing was recommenced on Friday!"

IMAGE REFERENCE: Young children float by in tubs while men row their dinghies. A lone gas light stands in the middle of the water where the street should be and a young boy stands up to his waist in water. From John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

It’s not often free beer floats down the Brisbane river...

As the story goes 500 hogsheads of beer floated away from the West End Brewery during the flood, some even making it as far downstream as Bowen Terrace, New Farm. Apparently there was a marked increase in drunkenness in parts of South Brisbane and reaches of the river where hogsheads were found as noted in the Brisbane Courier, Monday 6th February 1893.

"A great deal of drunkenness was unfortunately observable in various directions Men were seen drinking all they could and then quarrelling for possession of the cask containing the balance."

IMAGE REFERENCE: The building was damaged in the 1893 flood and then subsequently rebuilt and enlarged. From John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland.

the History of the Catchment Brewing Co site

John Drake, first owner of the land, was the licensee of the Boundary Hotel in 1872-1874, so has an association with beer. In the 1880s he proposed building the West End Hotel in Vulture Street, but was denied a licence.

1872 - 1874


Intersection of Boundary and Vulture streets emerged as commercial hub of West End in the 1880s.

Pharmacist John Davies, occupant of 154 Boundary Street, gave his name to Davies Corner, which was well-known throughout Brisbane well into the 1950s. He bought the pharmacy when he migrated to Australia in 1885. John also served as Mayor of South Brisbane, elected in 1905.



First building at 150 Boundary Street built c.1887.

The West End tram line opened to intersection of Boundary and Vulture streets in 1888 - 1d section.



Second building constructed c.1889-1890 (after fire destroyed first building in June 1889).

Third and current building erected c.1937 for the owner of the land Greek businessman Alexander Fites. In its original configuration, the building comprised two shops, each with a flat on the upper storey accessed from the shop below.


1940s - 1960s

Through the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, a butcher and a fishmonger occupied the two shops.

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